Why I should love again.

"Hey beautiful :D"

"Gosh you’re so great. Please never change. Text me in the morning :))"

"Love ittt. Such pretty hair :D your freckles.. So adorable<3"

"You are an angel. I hope that you catch my determination and add it to your passion. Together, you’d be a force to be reckoned with."

"Someone’s looking gorgeous."

"It’s my job hun. To be a gentleman. And make you feel like a princess. :) because seeing you smile makes me happy:)"

"Hey. You sound so cute on the phone :)"

"I love you."

"I totally love talking to you.. You make me so happy. And you make my heart happy. I look forward to talking to you always. And you’re just great. It makes me happy to be able to make you happy. and it feels wonderful to know that you want me. I guess is the only way I can put it. <3"

"Hey babe. I just got to my apartment. Just wanted to let you know. And thank you. For bein wonderful. You’re amazing. And I’m so glad that you’re in my life. And I look forward to hearing from you everyday. Please sleep well. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. You’re beautiful, sweet, kind, and amazing. Much love. Gnight."

"I’m ridiculously attracted to you. It’s not fair."

"I’ll give you allll the love."

"Because you’re totally wonderful. Beautiful. Cute. Smart. Talented. And definitely have my attention."

"Yes. I’d treat you the best."

"Hmm. Your persona itself. You have a drive for your dreams and I think that you will soon be like me. You are pretty confident in yourself. Absolute turn on. Confidence. Whew. Damn. But anyway. Yeah. Just your personality. It’s cute. Fun. And makes me smile."

"You’re my biggest weakness. I just realized that."

"Go to sleep. Like Snow White. And I’ll come wake you."

"And I’ll hold you tight<3"

"Hearing that happy tone to your voice makes me smile."

"Hey. I love you. :)"

"You make me happy baby. :)"

"Wish you were here with me so I didn’t feel so lonelyyyy. But sleep well. I know I will. Haha. Have amazing dreams. And when you reread this when you wake up. Just know, that it’s going to be a great Friday. Because you’re an amazing girl. You’re absolutely stunning. And have made this man, very happy<3 God bless you. He has certainly blessed me. Good night<3"

"And I can’t go more than 10 minutes without thinking about you(;"

"I’m being so honest. And I’ve made my heart really vulnerable."

"You are very dear to me. I just.. Idk. So many feelings. It’s really weird. And out of the norm."

Wow, there’s more than I anticipated.

He’s the sweetest. If he didn’t live one state away…damn college. I love him. I’m just bad at deciding what I want.

I love you.